Rao-Orengo Foundation

"Education is your most valuable asset"

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Rao Orengo Foundation is to provide young promising underprivileged students in the
Houston area an opportunity to attend summer enrichment programs throughout the country.

2018 Applications are now open!

Summer Learning Experiences Correlate Strongly With:

- Increased efficacy for career planning and exploration
- Increased comfort with technology
- Greater proficiency with the college planning process
- Increased interest in pursuing careers in Math, Science, and Technology
- An increased love for learning, high achievement, and self-reliance

Contact Us

  • Rao-Orengo Foundation

  • 832 778 6322

  • P.O. Box 1634

  • Bellaire, TX 77402

  • RaoOrengoFoundation@gmail.com